Student discount

To be eligible for a student disregard you need to provide evidence from your University to confirm your student status and this must include all of the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your address
3. You are studying a full time course
4. The start date of your course
5. The end date of your course

You can upload this information once you have completed the council tax student discount application form

If everyone living in the household is a student then the whole property will be exempt and there will be no liability for council tax. Every student in the household needs to provide a certificate for the exemption to be applied to the property.

If you are a student from abroad living with your partner who is not a British citizen and are prevented by immigration rules from “taking paid employment or from claiming benefits then they will be disregarded for council tax purposes. Please provide a copy of their visa.

To be considered a full time student you will need to be:

  • On a course with lasts at least one year
  • On a course that requires you to attend for at least 24 weeks a year
  • On a course that requires study, tuition or work experience for an average of at least 21 hours a week
  • Or is a course that is an approved training course funded by the Learning Skills Council

Please note you must inform us of any change of circumstances, i.e. change of tenant or address, as this may invalidate your application. 

Please watch the video below for more details.