Submit a search request

Submitting a local land charge search

To enable us to begin processing your search application straight away, please make sure you:

  • always send one completed set of LLC1 and CON29 forms (for a copy of the forms speak to your solicitor or the Law Society), or use our new search request form.
  • include a plan of the property/land with the area to be searched clearly outlined in red (don’t forget to include any garages and parking spaces)
  • ensure you include all optional and additional enquiries you want to make, plus the appropriate fees
  • if you want to include other roads and footpaths in box C of the CON29 form, please identify them following Law Society guidance
  • payment can be made by cheque or over the phone by debit or credit card (cheques should be made payable to Buckinghamshire Council)
  • email us the completed forms

We’re also able to accept searches via the below external services, if this is your preferred method for submission.

(National Land Information Service) NLIS

TM Search Choice