Supporting Documents - Retail

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The five District & County Council's in Buckinghamshire came together to form a singular unitary authority in April 2020. References to AVDC, CDC, SBDC, WDC or BCC are as the council's were formed at the time of the creation of content.

Supporting Documents: Retail
Reference Document Title Date
CD/RET/001 Aylesbury Vale Retail Study (GL Hearn, March 2015) March 2015
CD/RET/001a Aylesbury Vale Retail Study (GL Hearn, March 2015) - Annexes March 2015
CD/RET/002 Retail Capacity Update (The Retail Group, December 2016)

Dec 2016

CD/RET/003 Aylesbury Town Centre Growth Opportunity Assessment Study (The Retail Group,
November 2016)
Nov 2016
CD/RET/004 Aylesbury Town Centres Health and Outlook Assessment (The Retail Group, September 2016) Sept 2016
CD/RET/005 Aylesbury Vale Retail Impact Threshold (GL Hearn, June 2017) June 2017
CD/RET/006 Aylesbury Town Centre Plan (AVDC April 2014) April 2014