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A number of studies are being undertaken to inform the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

A number of studies are being undertaken to inform the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. Those which have been published are available to download below.

Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA)

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

  • SA Scoping Report
    The Scoping Report identifies the scope and level of detail of the information to be included in the SA, setting out the context, objectives and approach of the assessment; established the baseline; and identified relevant environmental issues and objectives. The objectives will be used in future SA Reports (starting with the Draft Plan) that accompany the remaining stages of VALP to assess the sustainability impacts of the plan and reasonable alternatives. We are currently inviting comments on this document alongside the issues and options consultation – follow this link for details on how to comment.
  • Reasonable Alternatives SA Report
    This document represents a SA of the reasonable alternatives for strategic options. We are currently inviting comments on this document alongside the issues and options consultation – follow this link for details on how to comment.
  • Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives
    This document is a record of assessments of reasonable alternatives (options) for housing and mixed-use housing and employment sites in Aylesbury Vale. We are currently inviting comments on this document alongside the draft plan consultation – follow this link for details on how to comment
  • Habitat Regulations Appraisal Report
    The Council in preparing the VALP is required to carry out a screening of the potential effects of proposed development on environmentally important European Sites including Special Areas of Conservation. The HRA considers physical damage to the SAC sites and non-physical damage, air pollution, the impact of recreation, water quantity and quality. The report, competed in March 2017, concludes that with the VALP Draft Plan strategy, policies and proposals including the Aylesbury Garden Town that there would be no significant effects. Therefore there is no need to proceed to the next stage of HRA work an ‘Appropriate Assessment’.

Buckinghamshire Housing Market and Functional Economic Areas.

New Settlement Scoping Study (July 2016)

This study considers the concept of a new settlement and considers the potential options for where this could be located.  We are currently inviting comments on this document alongside the draft plan consultation – follow this link for details on how to comment. The appendices are available below.

Buckinghamshire Green Belt Assessment

Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

HELAA version 4 is a technical evidence document that will inform the sustainability appraisal and writing of VALP Proposed Submission version. The HELAA does not allocate sites it provides a deliverable capacity and identifies a range of issues that will need to be investigated. A site 'suitable' conclusion does not mean the site will be allocated in VALP and likewise a site being 'unsuitable' does not mean further work on constraints, mitigation or infrastructure enhancements cannot be put in to enable the Council to support development on site. All constraints need to be revisited at the time future planning decision are to be taken.

Bucks Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment

Landscape Evidence

  • Landscape Character Assessment and Sensitivity Advice to Aylesbury Vale DC (March 2015)
    This is an independent report by consultants LUC to provide an assessment as to whether the identification of Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) and Areas of Sensitive Landscape (ASLs) in an evidence base by Jacobs for AVDC in 2008 is compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) and Planning Practice Guidance (2014) approach to valued local landscapes. The study goes on to identify if there are any deficiencies in the process that was undertaken in the two 2008 evidence studies identifying LCAs and ASLs. Where any landscapes have potentially changed as a result of development since 2008, this has also been considered in the work. The assessment also recommended potential policy approaches for the forthcoming Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Options consultation.
  • Areas of Attractive Landscape and Local Landscape Areas Advice to Aylesbury Vale DC – Final Draft Report (October 2015)

    “Defining the special qualities of local landscape designations in Aylesbury Vale District - Final Report (March 2016)

    This is a final report that takes account of public engagement at the VALP Issues and Options stage (October–December 2015). The report is the same as the previously published draft except there is now an Appendix 3 with a summary of the key issues raised in public engagement. This is an independent report by consultants LUC to provide a review of the AVDLP designated Areas of Attractive Landscape (AAL) and Local Landscape Areas (LLA) and whether they should be redesignated as locally valued landscapes (as set out by the National Planning Policy Framework) in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. The review recommends that the majority of the areas currently designated should be retained as valued landscapes but recommends that the Halton/Wendover AAL and Halton, Great Ouse Valley (West) and Poundon Hill LLAs are not designated as valued landscapes.

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Open Space, Sport and Recreation Needs
The report of assessment by specialist consultants Torkilsden Barclay identifies the open space, sports and recreation needs for Aylesbury Vale in the context of the housing growth identified in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Draft Plan stage. This assessment is an update/revision of the 2012 assessment by the same consultants examining new information of provision in the Vale and national standards and policies relating to open space, sports and recreation. The report provides recommendations that will be considered in drafting the VALP Proposed Submission for summer 2017.

Retail Evidence

  • Aylesbury Vale Retail Study 2015
    The study is examines the current retail expenditure patterns in Aylesbury Vale, assess the current trading performance of retail destinations across the district and establish the need for new retail floorspace balancing qualitative and quantitative considerations. This study draws on a combination of on-site surveys and desktop research, and is informed by a new household telephone survey (undertaken in October 2014) which gathers information on expenditure patterns from 1,000 respondents across the survey area. The report identifies convenience shopping floorspace capacity 2019-33 for Aylesbury, Buckingham, Winslow, Haddenham and Wendover whilst also identifying comparison shopping expenditure and floorspace capacity at Aylesbury 2019-2033.
  • Aylesbury Vale Retail Study - Annexes

Settlement Hierarchy

  • Settlement Hierarchy Review 2015
    A review of the Hierarchy has been carried out after initial consultations with Parish and Town Councils following a desktop study. This assesses the sustainability of settlements and the facilities they have, grouping settlements into categories including strategic settlements, larger villages, smaller villages and other settlements. Comments on this document were invited as part of the issues and options consultation.
  • Draft Settlement Hierarchy Assessment Report June 2016
    The Settlement Hierarchy has been reviewed following comments received at the issues and options stage.  It now includes a ‘medium villages’ category.  Comments on this document are invited alongside the draft plan consultation - follow this link for the online comments form

Aylesbury Transport Strategy
A transport strategy for Aylesbury Town is required in order to support and accommodate future Local Plan growth, with the current transport network already under pressure. A strategic plan for transport has been lacking and is now vital for ensuring that opportunities associated with the growth of the town and district are realised, including necessary infrastructure enhancements. The Strategy is being jointly developed by Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council using AECOM as consultants.

The stages of work needed to develop the new Aylesbury Transport Strategy  are defined as:

Stages four - six will be added to this page as they are completed

  • Stage Four – Options (under development)
  • Stage Five – Draft Strategy
  • Stage Six – Final Strategy

Countywide traffic modelling 


Assessment of Reasonable Alternatives

Water Cycle Study 2017

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