Sustainability services

Buckinghamshire Council's internal 5-year sustainability programme was a great success.

Results delivered:

  • meeting our 22% carbon reduction target 1 year ahead of schedule
  • saving over £200,000 a year from energy, fuel and consultancy savings
  • saving nearly £70,000 on our gas and electricity bills by reducing fuel usage

We’re now offering our proven expertise to other organisations. The consultancy services we offer include:

  • Energy management audit/assessment
  • Carbon management/reduction/training
  • Energy efficiency - cost savings and conservation
  • Energy supply and billing
  • Green Deal
  • Renewable and low carbon energy (heat and power)
  • Super-homes (low carbon retrofits for domestic properties)
  • Fleet and transport initiatives
  • Grants, loans and incentives advice

What our clients say about us

‘At long last we have a full and workable document from which to base policy and hopefully spend and changes. I've really appreciated what you have done’
Buckinghamshire Council