Taxi enforcement

Who do we work with and what do we do?

Who do we work with?

We work closely with other local authorities to ensure that taxis provide a high level of service to the community. We work with:

  • Thames Valley Police – Roads Policing
  • Thames Valley Police – Neighbourhood Policing
  • Buckinghamshire Council (School Transportation in particular)
  • HM Customs and Excise
  • Vehicle Operator Standards Agency (VOSA)

What do we do?

We regularly perform enforcement checks on vehicles and drivers, and can often be found out late at night, early in the mornings and during weekends checking the licensed trade.

We sometimes walk patrols at night time with the Neighbourhood Policing team and Police Community Support Officers: this way the police are trained in what to look for and we have the ability to stop cars and inspect them.

We work on home to school transportation, regularly attending school sites in the mornings to check that the arriving licensed vehicles meet our high standards.

Periodically we arrange checks with Thames Valley Police and VOSA. The Roads Policing team go out in their cars with Licensing Officers from Buckinghamshire Council, when a minicab or taxi is seen the driver is requested to follow them back to the TVP garage where VOSA will perform a full check on the vehicle. TVP will also check the insurance for the driver and our Licensing team will ensure that the vehicle and driver meet the standards and conditions of having a licence. If faults are found the vehicle is suspended and drivers can be suspended or revoked.

At all times we talk to our neighbouring councils and share our experiences. This helps us to all develop better policies and ensures that information can be shared quickly.

If you have anything that you would like to report to the Taxi Licensing team, an incident you witnessed, a poor journey, a driver using a mobile, then please complete this Taxi Incident Report Form.