We maintain trees in parks, open spaces and closed churchyards managed or owned by Buckinghamshire Council.

Trees make a positive contribution to the environment and biodiversity, and also play a vital role in flood protection and urban cooling.

The retention, protection, and planting of trees within the District makes a major contribution to making Aylesbury Vale the best possible place to live and work. It’s important that no action is taken to have a negative impact on the tree population, either the quality or number of trees, and part of this is delivered via our Planning Team, who seek to avoid detrimental impact on trees  through development where possible and/or to ensure mitigation is put in place as and when required.

We have developed a tree strategy to improve and protect the Vale’s tree population - encouraging best practices, safeguarding habitats, maintaining variety, extending tree cover and reducing risks.

Read our tree strategy.

Report a dangerous tree

Dangerous trees should be reported to the landowner.

If you believe a tree is a hazard to a public right of way, highway, or to a state school, please report it.

If there's an imminent danger to the public from trees on other land, you can report it via our parks webpage. We have discretionary powers to investigate and serve notice on the owner to make it safe.

Further information

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Trees and the planning process
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Common sense risk management
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Also - please complete our online contact form if you cannot find an answer in the links above.