Update on major planning applications: Hampden Fields and Woodlands

16/00424/AOP and 16/01040/AOP

16/00424/AOP: Land Between Wendover Road and Aston Clinton Road Weston Turville Buckinghamshire  
16/01040/AOP: Aylesbury Woodland College Road North Aston Clinton Buckinghamshire 

Consultation Period: Comments to be submitted by Friday 8 January 2021.
Amended and updated supporting documents in respect of the above applications have been submitted in response to the published Aylesbury Transport Model 2020. The amended documents and plans are the subject of further consultation and site and press publicity.
The planning applications were the subject of a resolution to grant permission subject to the completion of respective legal agreements when they were considered at the Legacy Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Strategic Development Management Committee on 25 and 26 October 2017 respectively, and have not yet been determined.  
The applicant’s covering letter and planning statement summarises the changes made to the documents that were considered at the Strategic Development Management Committee in 25 and 26 October 2017, to enable you understand what and where changes have been made.   
If you have an alert set up on the applications, you are advised to check it is still operating as it may need to be set up again to ensure you get up-to-date reminders when new documents are submitted.