Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan - Draft Plan

Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

Latest News - Sept 2017

The latest version of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) is now published online here in advance of the VALP scrutiny meeting on Tuesday 26 September 2017, starting at 6.30pm at The Gateway. Cabinet will consider the plan on Tuesday 10 October and council on Wednesday 18 October, both at the same time and place.


Summer 2016 Consultation - Summary of consultation responses published

From 7 July to 5 September 2016, consultation took place on the Vale of Aylesbury draft plan. More than 1,600 responses and over 5,000 comments were received.

The VALP consultation summary report 2016 sets out key issues raised.

The consultation responses can be viewed below;  (please note some of these files are very big - printing is not advised.)


  • VALP consultation summary of responses September 2017
    As part of the Council's process of continuous quality checking, it came to our attention that a small number of local plan consultees may not have received specifically addressed communication at the time the Draft VALP was published for consultation. In April 2017 the Council wrote to those consultees inviting any comments on the Draft VALP to be received by 25 May 2017. This report summarises those responses.


What happens next?

The Government finally published its much awaited Housing White Paper on Tuesday, (7 February 2017). As expected, it contained a number of proposals for increasing house building as the number of new homes being built continues to fall short of the Government’s housing target.

The proposals will have implications for planning decisions in Aylesbury Vale as well as the final stages of development of our Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP).

At this point we are still analysing the details of the proposals, so we cannot say exactly what impact the white paper may have, particularly whether the proposals will mean an increase in the amount of housing that Aylesbury Vale has to accommodate.

This means that despite the work done thus far in preparing the new local plan, progress is now likely to be slower as we take into account any new measures introduced as a result of the white paper.

We are undertaking detailed discussions with both Government officials and our neighbouring councils, and will publish an updated timetable as soon as we are able to.

Meanwhile, our work in relation to the local plan continues in earnest as we are committed to getting a plan in place as soon as possible. Planning officers have been instructed to ensure that any changes to the timetable is kept to an absolute minimum.

Please note: the following meetings are now cancelled:

  • Monday 6 March -VALP Scrutiny
  • Tuesday 7 March - Cabinet
  • Wednesday 29 March - VALP Council

We will update this webpage as soon as we have more news on the local plan.

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