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Changes to the Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan 2016/17

The timetable for preparing the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) was extended to ensure that all essential evidence was in place before we submitted it for examination.

The key reason for the delay was due to the complexity of the Sustainability Appraisal (carried out by external consultants) and the task taking longer than predicted as a result. This is a critical piece of evidence which has to feed into the content of the Plan and, as such, we had to ensure there was sufficient time for this to be done thoroughly and to enable its findings to be taken into account.

There were a number of significant changes to the context of the Draft Plan after it was published in summer 2016, including:

  • The total number of houses we needed to plan for was reduced from 33,000 to around 27,000 due to an update to our housing requirements and other districts finding more capacity.
  • As a result of the reduction in our housing figures, we suggested that the consideration of a new settlement should be deferred until we know the route of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway.
  • We moved away from the proposed percentage approach to apportioning development to settlements, and instead used a capacity-led approach. Please see the following explanatory note.

The changes are set out in more detail in the December 2016 VALP Scrutiny Committee minutes

Winter 2017 VALP Proposed Submission Plan

The Plan was approved by Council on Wednesday 18 October and underwent a statutory 6 week consultation from Thursday 2 November – Thursday 14 December 2017. Following this, the responses are being collated and will be submitted along with the Plan and supporting documents for examination by an independent planning inspector.

For more information on the current stage of the Plan, please visit the Proposed Submission Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan.

Summer 2016 VALP Draft Plan

From 7 July to 5 September 2016, consultation took place on the Vale of Aylesbury draft plan. More than 1,600 responses and over 5,000 comments were received.

The VALP Consultation Summary Report 2016 sets out the key issues raised.

The consultation responses can be viewed below (please note some of these files are very big so printing is not advised):

VALP consultation summary of responses September 2017

As part of the Council's process of continuous quality checking, it came to our attention that a small number of Local Plan consultees may not have received specifically addressed communication at the time the Draft VALP was published for consultation. In April 2017 the Council wrote to those consultees inviting any comments on the Draft VALP to be received by 25 May 2017. This report summarises those responses.

October 2015 Issues and Options

In October we published an Issues and Options Document and asked for comments on this, along with the accompanying evidence studies. The consultation ran until 4 December 2015. This was the second public consultation stage in the new Local Plan’s preparation and it included nine potential options for distributing new development. We also produced a background note on the options.

Views collected in response to our 2013 consultation on the now withdrawn Vale of Aylesbury Plan (VAP) were also fed into the VALP October 2015 Issues and Options Consultation.

The total number of respondents was 771, providing 4,480 individual responses to the questions.

Spring 2014 Call for Sites

In spring 2014, we carried out a Call for Sites consultation. We asked developers and landowners to promote sites, for any use, to be considered in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). Sites submitted up to 5 September 2016 were included in HELAA version 4. Sites submitted after this time will be included in future reviews of the Plan after its adoption.

There are currently 407 sites promoted as of 6 July 2016, as outlined in the summary report. The sites promoted do not indicate where we think future development should be, they are just the views of site promoters.

To submit a site, please complete the following form.

Spring 2014 Scoping

The first consultation in preparation of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) took place over an eight-week period in spring 2014. We asked for views on the content and scope of the new plan.

A summary of responses to the VALP Content and Scope of Plan Consultation.

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