Vehicle crime

Advice on avoiding car crime

Vehicle crime is low in Aylesbury Vale. Vehicle crime consists of theft from a vehicle and theft of a vehicle.

Read our top tips against vehicle crime and make sure you don't give car thieves an easy ride.

  1. Take all items with you when you leave your car: Whether it be only for a second make sure you remove shopping bags, cash or a mobile phone. If you are unable to remove all valuables store them in the boot out of sight.
  2. Do not leave tools in vehicles or vans overnight. Thieves may break in and use tools to break into houses and/or sell on.
  3. Remove your sat nav and the holder: You may have removed your sat nav but leaving the holder attached to the windscreen is an invitation to thieves to try and find the device.
  4. Do not leave your car unattended whilst defrosting in the morning. This is the easiest way thieves can steal your vehicle.
  5. Don't leave keys in view of doors or windows. Leave them in a secure area in your home.
  6. Park your car in a secure area. If you are out and about leave your car in an area which is a public space, well lit and has CCTV.
  7. When parking your car, if you have a garage use it. If not, park the car as near to your property as possible in a well lit space.

If you wish to buy security devices for your vehicle they include:

  • Electronic engine immobiliser.
  • Alarm system.
  • Central locking and automatic locking.
  • Double-locking doors.
  • Steering wheel lock.
  • Tracking devices.

You may also want to visit the Master Locksmiths Association, as they can offer assistance with lost or stolen vehicle keys. They can also provide guidance on improving vehicle security.

Catalytic converter theft from vehicles is a problem nationally at the moment due to the price of metal. Read our three top tips on reducing this type of crime.

  • Fit an alarm for your catalytic converter. You can get information from local vehicle garages on these alarms and their prices.
  • Park your vehicle in a garage.
  • If you are due a service on your vehicle, you can as part of the service get your catalytic converter engraved for no extra cost. This is available at a select number of garages.