Watch live and recorded webcasts of council meetings and Strategic Development Management Committees

What is a webcast?

It is a video broadcast over the internet.  

How is it used?

Buckinghamshire Council use webcasting to broadcast a live stream of all council meetings and Strategic Development Management Committees This gives you free and uncensored access into the council's decision making process, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Please note; Very occasionally Strategic Development Management Committee may be held in another room, if for example the Oculus is unavailable. In these circumstances the meeting will not be webcast, but we will highlight this fact as soon as possible on our website (calendar of meetings). 

You can also watch webcasts at your leisure following the broadcast as they are uploaded to our footage archive. This footage has useful index points which enable you to skip to points of interest.

  • Find upcoming meetings dates in our calendar of meetings:
  • Agendas are available online a week before each meeting date