What can I do about anti-social behaviour?

Talk to your neighbour

Most neighbour problems can be resolved by talking to each other in the first instance and we encourage this approach. A friendly approach to make your neighbour aware of the problem is often effective and may prevent it escalating into a bigger problem. You may want to take someone with you for support. If you do not want to speak to your neighbour you could write them a letter, email or send a text message to them. There is an example letter template at the bottom of this page which you may want to amend to suit your situation and print off. However you contact them, let your neighbour know how their behaviour is affecting you and make suggestions as to what they can do to reduce the impact on you.  

In some circumstances this may not be possible, or may have been tried and the behaviour still continues. We will then look at other options available, placing an emphasis on prevention and early intervention.


Mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving neighbour disputes at an early stage. It is a voluntary process that allows you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Around 80% of cases where it is agreed to hold a joint meeting result in an agreement between both parties. It can be arranged with or without both parties meeting face to face and will help both parties to communicate better, understand each other’s concerns and to jointly come up with solutions to help resolve the dispute. In Aylesbury Vale, we use the mediation service provided by Mediation Bucks, an independent organisation. More information can be found on the Mediation Bucks website, and you can self refer to them if you would prefer not to do so via Buckinghamshire Council. 

Next Steps

If the above options do not work, please see our web page for further information on ‘How to report anti-social behaviour’.


Victims First support victims of crime and anti-social behaviour across Aylesbury Vale. They provide free emotional and practical support to victims whether or not the crime has been reported to the Police.

You can contact Victims First by telephone on 0300 1234 148 or via the Victims First website