What goes in my food bin?

Please take care to use your food waste bins correctly

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What type of plastic liners can be used?

You can use any of the following plastic bags/liners:

  • Plastic bags bought on a roll e.g. pedal bins liners
  • Supermarket carrier bags
  • Thin plastic bags, such as fridge and freezer storage bags
  • Bags that food has come in, such as: bread bags, salad bags, cereal bags etc. 

What type of plastic liners CANNOT be used?

  • No black bin liners or rubble sacks - if your collection crew can't see the contents, they will not be able to collect the food waste. 
  • No hard plastic packaging such as for punnets of fruit. However, these can be put in your blue-lidded recycling bin

Where does my food waste go?

Ever wondered what happens to your food waste after it's been collected? You can find out how it's recycled on the Recycle for Buckinghamshire website.  

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