What goes in my food bin?

Please take care to use your food waste bins correctly

You can now use plastic liners or bags in your food waste caddy!

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What type of plastic liners can be used?

You can use any of the following plastic bags/liners:

  • Plastic bags bought on a roll e.g. pedal bins liners
  • Supermarket carrier bags
  • Thin plastic bags, such as fridge and freezer storage bags
  • Bags that food has come in, such as: bread bags, salad bags, cereal bags etc. 

What type of plastic liners CANNOT be used?

  • No black bin liners or rubble sacks - if your collection crew can't see the contents, they will not be able to collect the food waste. 
  • No hard plastic packaging such as for punnets of fruit. However, these can be put in your blue-lidded recycling bin

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