What goes in my green lidded rubbish bin?

Information on the waste bin

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The rubbish collected in your green lidded rubbish bin is sent for disposal at the Greatmoor Energy from Waste Plant (EfW). This means all the waste we collect must be able to be put through an incineration process.

EfW is a modern and safe way of treating and disposing of waste left over after recycling, which would otherwise go to landfill. Please do not put food waste into your green lidded rubbish bin, put it in your food caddy.

It is not intended to divert waste from recycling. In fact, both EfW and increased recycling will divert waste from unsustainable landfill.

Need to get rid of extra waste?

We only collect rubbish that fits in the bin, with the bin lid closed, but we will collect additional recycling if it is left in a cardboard box by the side of the recycling bin. Please take any extra refuse waste to your local recycling centre.

* Please take these items to your local household recycling centre (also called tip or dump)

** We have a separate clinical waste collection for these items - please arrange a clinical waste collection.

*** This is a separate service. To sign up please see our garden waste page

Store green outdoor food bins with the handle upright to lock the bin, and place on top of a wheeled bin (not in strong winds) to minimise interference from small animals