Withdrawn VAP Strategy Technical Documents

Withdrawn VAP Strategy Technical Documents

Technical Documents: Housing 

Document Ref: Title
CD/HOU/001 Aylesbury Vale Housing and Economic Growth Assessment (GL Hearn, September, 2011)
CD/HOU/002 Updated Demographic Projections Report (GL Hearn, May 2013)
CD/HOU/003 Updated Demographic Projections Report (GL Hearn, April 2013)
CD/HOU/004 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation Study (GL Hearn, Feb 2013)
CD/HOU/005 Supplementary report to Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation Study (J Gardener, June 2013)

Aylesbury Vale Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (AVDC, March 2013) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

CD/HOU/007 Settlement Hierarchy Assessment for the Vale of Aylesbury Plan Strategy(AVDC, Sept 2012)
CD/HOU/008 Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land supply position as at end March 2013 (AVDC, March 2013)
CD/HOU/009 Aylesbury Vale District Housing Trajectory for 2011-2031- based on proposed VAP target - as at end of March 2013 (AVDC, June 2013)
CD/HOU/010 Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land supply position as at end of March 2012 - (AVDC, Updated Sept 2012)
CD/HOU/011 Aylesbury Vale District Housing Trajectory Position as at end March 2012 (AVDC, Prepared July 2012)
CD/HOU/012 Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land Supply position as at end March 2011 (AVDC, Prepared May 2011)
CD/HOU/013 Housing Needs Study Update (John Herington Associates, 2007)
CD/HOU/014 AVDC Affordable Housing and S106 Viability Testing Study (Three Dragons et al, 2007)
CD/HOU/015 Housing Needs Study (John Herington Associates, 2003)
CD/HOU/016 Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2008 -2013 (AVDC, 2008)
CD/HOU/017 AVDC Position Statement Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (AVDC, July 2012 Update)
  Affordable Housing Viability Report (Adams Integra) November 2009


Technical Documents: Employment

Document Ref:

CD/EMP/001 South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Getting Down to Business Plan for Growth April 2012-March 2013
CD/EMP/002 Aylesbury Vale Employment Land Review Update (GL Hearn, Sept 2012)
CD/EMP/003 Aylesbury Vale Economic Development Strategy 2011 – 2014 (AVDC, 2012)
CD/EMP/004 South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Business Plan 2013-2014
CD/EMP/005 Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership Plan for Sustainable Economic Growth 2012-2031 (November, 2012)
CD/EMP/006 Approved Development Brief Silverstone Circuit Masterplan (AVDC and SNC, Feb 2009)
CD/EMP/007 Aylesbury Vale Employment Land Study (Roger Tym and Partners, March 2008)


Technical Documents: Infrastructure 

Document Ref: Title
CD/INF/001 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (AVDC, August 2013)
CD/INF/002 Vale of Aylesbury Plan and Stage 1 Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Study (Dixon Searle LLP, Sept 2012)


Technical Documents: Environment

Document Ref: Title
CD/ENV/001 Water Cycle Evidence for the Vale of Aylesbury Plan (Halcrow, Sept 2012)
CD/ENV/002 Aylesbury Vale Strategic Flood Risk
Assessment – Level 1 Report (AVDC, August 2012)
CD/ENV/003 Aylesbury Town Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Royal Haskoning, April 2009 and republished August 2012)
CD/ENV/004 AVDC Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report (inc appendices) (AVDC) (May 2011)
CD/ENV/005 Aylesbury Vale Green Infrastructure Strategy 2011-2026 (AVDC, 2011)
CD/ENV/006 Draft Climate Change Action Plan (AVDC, 2010) (part Committee Report)
CD/ENV/007 Aylesbury Air Quality Action Plan (AVDC, Dec 2010)
CD/ENV/008 Carbon Management Plan 2007/8 to 2012/13 (AVDC Revised Aug 2010)
CD/ENV/009 South East Green Infrastructure Framework (Natural England, June 2009)
CD/ENV/010 Buckinghamshire Green Infrastructure Strategy (Bucks County Council, April 2009)
CD/ENV/011 Conservation Area Management Plan District Wide Strategy (AVDC, 2009)
CD/ENV/012 Aylesbury Vale Landscape Character Assessment (Jacobs, May 2008)
CD/ENV/013 Aylesbury Vale Areas of Sensitive Landscape (Jacobs, October 2008)
CD/ENV/014 A Local Climate Impacts Profile of Aylesbury Vale (AVDC March 2008)
CD/ENV/015 Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2008-2013 (2008)
CD/ENV/016 Potential Development Areas Around Aylesbury -Comparative Assessment of Landscape and Visual Impact (Jacobs, October 2008) (3 documents)
CD/ENV/017 Aylesbury Vale Energy Strategy (AVDC, 2007)
CD/ENV/018 AVDC Statutory Contaminated Land Strategy (AVDC, July 2001)
CD/ENV/019 Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Habitat Mapping Project Report (on going)


Technical Documents: Community and Leisure

Document Ref: Title
CD/COM/001 Assessment of Leisure and Cultural Facilities for Aylesbury Vale (Torkildsen Barclay, December 2012)
CD/COM/002 Community Safety Strategy 2011-2014 (AVDC)
CD/COM/003 Aylesbury Playing Pitch Strategy (Torkildsen Barclay, July 2010)
CD/COM/004 Sport and Leisure Facilities SPG Companion Document Ready Reckoner (AVDC, Aug 2005)
CD/COM/005 Supplementary Planning Guidance Sport and Leisure Facilities (AVDC, Aug 2004)


Technical Documents: Transport

Document Ref: Title
CD/TRA/001 Vale of Aylesbury Plan Aylesbury Land Use & Traffic Assessment (Jacobs, June 2012)
CD/TRA/002 Aylesbury Transport Model – Traffic Forecasting and Assumptions (Jacobs, May 2012)
CD/TRA/003 Vale of Aylesbury Plan Buckingham Land Use & Traffic Assessment ( Jacobs, Aug 2012)
CD/TRA/004 Buckingham Transport Model - Local model Validation Report Draft (Jacobs, June 2012)
CD/TRA/005 Buckingham Transport Model – Traffic Forecasting and Assumptions (Jacobs, Aug 2012)
CD/TRA/006 Aylesbury Transport Model - Local Model Validation Report ( Jacobs, June 2011)
CD/TRA/007 Local Transport Plan(3) 2011-2016 (BCC, 2011)(includes Appendices and LA Strategies doc)
CD/TRA/008 Towards 2026 A Transport Strategy For Aylesbury Draft Officer Report (BCC March 2009)
CD/TRA/009 Aylesbury Parking and Access Study Volume 2 Main Report (AVDC, Aug 2004)
CD/TRA/010 HS2 Phase One Safeguarding Directions With guidance notes for Local
Planning Authorities


Technical Documents: Retail

Document Ref: Title
CD/RET/001 Draft Aylesbury Town Centre Improvement Plan 2013 – 2021 (AVDC, 2013)
CD/RET/002 Aylesbury Town Centre Public Realm Guide (AVDC, June 2012)
CD/RET/003 Retail Investment and Marketing Study for Aylesbury Town Centre Executive Summary (The Retail Group, 2011)
CD/RET/004 Aylesbury Vale Retail Study Update (GL Hearn, Nov 2009)
CD/RET/005 Market Town Benchmarking. Measuring the performance of town centres Buckingham Report (AMT, December 2012)


Technical Documents: Miscellaneous


Document Ref: Title
CD/MIS/001 Vale of Aylesbury Plan Annual Monitoring Report 2012 (AVDC, Dec 2012)
CD/MIS/002 Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy DPD (Bucks County Council, Nov 2012)
CD/MIS/003 Withdrawn Submission Aylesbury Vale Core Strategy (AVDC, 2009) and Schedule of minor post-publication changes to the Core Strategy
CD/MIS/004 Conservation Area Supplementary Planning Document (AVDC, March 2011)
CD/MIS/005 AVLDF Statement of Community Involvement (AVDC, Oct 2006)
CD/MIS/006 Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan (AVDC, Jan 2004)
CD/MIS/007 Our Plan 2011 – 2015 (AVDC, 2011)
CD/MIS/008 Sustainable Community Strategy for Aylesbury Vale 2009 – 2026 (AVDC, 2009)
CD/MIS/009 Direction from Secretary of State to withdraw Core Strategy (October, 2010)


Technical Documents: Fact Packs

Document Ref:   Title
CD/FP/001   Akeley Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/002   Ashendon Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/003   Aston Abbotts Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/004   Aston Clinton Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/005   Aylesbury Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/006   Beachampton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/007   Bierton Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/008   Boarstall Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/009   Brill Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/010   Buckingham Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/011   Buckland Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/012   Calvert Green Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/013   Charndon Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/014   Chearsley Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/015   Cheddington Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/016   Chetwode Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/017   Chilton Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/018   Creslow Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/019   Drayton Beauchamp Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/020   East Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/021   Edgcott Fact Pack(AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/022   Edlesborough Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/023   Gawcott with Lenborough Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/024   Granborough Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/025   Great Horwood Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2012)
CD/FP/026   Grendon Underwood Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/027   Haddenham Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/028   Halton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/029   Hardwick Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/030   Hillesden Fact Pack(AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/031   Hulcott Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/032   Ickford Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/033   Ivinghoe Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/034   Kingswood Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/035   Little Horwood Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/036   Long Crendon Fact Pack (AVDC, December 2011)
CD/FP/037   Ludgershall Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/038   Marsh Gibbon Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/039   Marsworth Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/040   Middle Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/041   Mursley Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/042   Nash Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/043   Newton Longville Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/044   North Marston Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/045   Oakley Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/046   Oving Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/047   Padbury Fact Pack (AVDC, December 2011)
CD/FP/048   Pitstone Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/049   Quainton Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/050   Radclive cum Chackmore Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/051   Shabbington Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/052   Slapton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/053   Steeple Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/054   Stewkley Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/055   Stoke Mandeville Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/056   Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/057   Stowe Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/058   Swanbourne Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/059   Thornborough Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/060   Thornton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/061   Tingewick Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/062   Waddesdon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/063   Weedon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/064   Wendover Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/065   Westbury Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/066   Westcott Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/067   Weston Turville Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/068   Whaddon Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/069   Whitchurch Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/070   Wing Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/071   Wingrave with Rowsham Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/072   Winslow Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/073   Worminghall Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)