Withdrawn VAP Strategy Technical Documents

Withdrawn VAP Strategy Technical Documents

Technical Documents: Housing 

Document Ref:Title
CD/HOU/001Aylesbury Vale Housing and Economic Growth Assessment (GL Hearn, September, 2011)
CD/HOU/002Updated Demographic Projections Report (GL Hearn, May 2013)
CD/HOU/003Updated Demographic Projections Report (GL Hearn, April 2013)
CD/HOU/004Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation Study (GL Hearn, Feb 2013)
CD/HOU/005Supplementary report to Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation Study (J Gardener, June 2013)

Aylesbury Vale Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (AVDC, March 2013) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

CD/HOU/007Settlement Hierarchy Assessment for the Vale of Aylesbury Plan Strategy(AVDC, Sept 2012)
CD/HOU/008Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land supply position as at end March 2013 (AVDC, March 2013)
CD/HOU/009Aylesbury Vale District Housing Trajectory for 2011-2031- based on proposed VAP target - as at end of March 2013 (AVDC, June 2013)
CD/HOU/010Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land supply position as at end of March 2012 - (AVDC, Updated Sept 2012)
CD/HOU/011Aylesbury Vale District Housing Trajectory Position as at end March 2012 (AVDC, Prepared July 2012)
CD/HOU/012Aylesbury Vale District Housing Land Supply position as at end March 2011 (AVDC, Prepared May 2011)
CD/HOU/013Housing Needs Study Update (John Herington Associates, 2007)
CD/HOU/014AVDC Affordable Housing and S106 Viability Testing Study (Three Dragons et al, 2007)
CD/HOU/015Housing Needs Study (John Herington Associates, 2003)
CD/HOU/016Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2008 -2013 (AVDC, 2008)
CD/HOU/017Aylesbury Vale District Council Position Statement Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (AVDC, July 2012 Update)
 Affordable Housing Viability Report (Adams Integra) November 2009


Technical Documents: Employment

Document Ref:

CD/EMP/001South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Getting Down to Business Plan for Growth April 2012-March 2013
CD/EMP/002Aylesbury Vale Employment Land Review Update (GL Hearn, Sept 2012)
CD/EMP/003Aylesbury Vale Economic Development Strategy 2011 – 2014 (AVDC, 2012)
CD/EMP/004South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Business Plan 2013-2014
CD/EMP/005Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership Plan for Sustainable Economic Growth 2012-2031 (November, 2012)
CD/EMP/006Approved Development Brief Silverstone Circuit Masterplan (AVDC and SNC, Feb 2009)
CD/EMP/007Aylesbury Vale Employment Land Study (Roger Tym and Partners, March 2008)


Technical Documents: Infrastructure 

Document Ref:Title
CD/INF/001Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (AVDC, August 2013)
CD/INF/002Vale of Aylesbury Plan and Stage 1 Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Study (Dixon Searle LLP, Sept 2012)


Technical Documents: Environment

Document Ref:Title
CD/ENV/001Water Cycle Evidence for the Vale of Aylesbury Plan (Halcrow, Sept 2012)
CD/ENV/002Aylesbury Vale Strategic Flood Risk
Assessment – Level 1 Report (AVDC, August 2012)
CD/ENV/003Aylesbury Town Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Royal Haskoning, April 2009 and republished August 2012)
CD/ENV/004Buckinghamshire County Council Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report (inc appendices) (Buckinghamshire County Council) (May 2011)
CD/ENV/005Aylesbury Vale Green Infrastructure Strategy 2011-2026 (AVDC, 2011)
CD/ENV/006Draft Climate Change Action Plan (AVDC, 2010) (part Committee Report)
CD/ENV/007Aylesbury Air Quality Action Plan (AVDC, Dec 2010)
CD/ENV/008Carbon Management Plan 2007/8 to 2012/13 (AVDC Revised Aug 2010)
CD/ENV/009South East Green Infrastructure Framework (Natural England, June 2009)
CD/ENV/010Buckinghamshire Green Infrastructure Strategy (Bucks County Council, April 2009)
CD/ENV/011Conservation Area Management Plan District Wide Strategy (AVDC, 2009)
CD/ENV/012Green Infrastructure Guidance (Natural England, 2009)
CD/ENV/013Aylesbury Vale Landscape Character Assessment (Jacobs, May 2008)
CD/ENV/014Aylesbury Vale Areas of Sensitive Landscape (Jacobs, October 2008)
CD/ENV/015A Local Climate Impacts Profile of Aylesbury Vale (AVDC March 2008)
CD/ENV/016Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2008-2013 (2008)
CD/ENV/017Potential Development Areas Around Aylesbury -Comparative Assessment of Landscape and Visual Impact (Jacobs, October 2008) (3 documents)
CD/ENV/018Aylesbury Vale Energy Strategy (AVDC, 2007)
CD/ENV/019AVDC Statutory Contaminated Land Strategy (AVDC, July 2001)
CD/ENV/021Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Habitat Mapping Project Report (on going)


Technical Documents: Community and Leisure

Document Ref:Title
CD/COM/001Assessment of Leisure and Cultural Facilities for Aylesbury Vale (Torkildsen Barclay, December 2012)
CD/COM/002Community Safety Strategy 2011-2014 (AVDC)
CD/COM/003Aylesbury Playing Pitch Strategy (Torkildsen Barclay, July 2010)
CD/COM/004Sport and Leisure Facilities SPG Companion Document Ready Reckoner (AVDC, Aug 2005)
CD/COM/005Supplementary Planning Guidance Sport and Leisure Facilities (AVDC, Aug 2004)


Technical Documents: Transport

Document Ref:Title
CD/TRA/001Vale of Aylesbury Plan Aylesbury Land Use & Traffic Assessment (Jacobs, June 2012)
CD/TRA/002Aylesbury Transport Model – Traffic Forecasting and Assumptions (Jacobs, May 2012)
CD/TRA/003Vale of Aylesbury Plan Buckingham Land Use & Traffic Assessment ( Jacobs, Aug 2012)
CD/TRA/004Buckingham Transport Model - Local model Validation Report Draft (Jacobs, June 2012)
CD/TRA/005Buckingham Transport Model – Traffic Forecasting and Assumptions (Jacobs, Aug 2012)
CD/TRA/006Aylesbury Transport Model - Local Model Validation Report ( Jacobs, June 2011)
CD/TRA/007Local Transport Plan(3) 2011-2016 (BCC,2011)(includes Appendices and LA Strategies doc)
CD/TRA/008Towards 2026 A Transport Strategy For Aylesbury Draft Officer Report (BCC March 2009)
CD/TRA/009Aylesbury Parking and Access Study Volume 2 Main Report (AVDC, Aug 2004)
CD/TRA/010HS2 Phase One Safeguarding Directions With guidance notes for Local
Planning Authorities


Technical Documents: Retail

Document Ref:Title
CD/RET/001Draft Aylesbury Town Centre Improvement Plan 2013 – 2021 (AVDC, 2013)
CD/RET/002Aylesbury Town Centre Public Realm Guide (AVDC, June 2012)
CD/RET/003Retail Investment and Marketing Study for Aylesbury Town Centre Executive Summary (The Retail Group, 2011)
CD/RET/004Aylesbury Vale Retail Study Update (GL Hearn, Nov 2009)
CD/RET/005Market Town Benchmarking. Measuring the performance of town centres Buckingham Report (AMT, December 2012)


Technical Documents: Miscellaneous


Document Ref:Title
CD/MIS/001Vale of Aylesbury Plan Annual Monitoring Report 2012 (AVDC, Dec 2012)
CD/MIS/002Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy DPD (Bucks County Council, Nov 2012)
CD/MIS/003Withdrawn Submission Aylesbury Vale Core Strategy (AVDC, 2009) and Schedule of minor post-publication changes to the Core Strategy
CD/MIS/004Conservation Area Supplementary Planning Document (AVDC, March 2011)
CD/MIS/005AVLDF Statement of Community Involvement (AVDC, Oct 2006)
CD/MIS/006Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan (AVDC, Jan 2004)
CD/MIS/007Our Plan 2011 – 2015 (AVDC, 2011)
CD/MIS/008Sustainable Community Strategy for Aylesbury Vale 2009 – 2026 (AVDC 2009)
CD/MIS/009Direction from Secretary of State to withdraw Core Strategy (October, 2010)


Technical Documents: Fact Packs

Document Ref: Title
CD/FP/001 Akeley Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/002 Ashendon Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/003 Aston Abbotts Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/004 Aston Clinton Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/005 Aylesbury Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/006 Beachampton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/007 Bierton Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/008 Boarstall Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/009 Brill Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/010 Buckingham Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/011 Buckland Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/012 Calvert Green Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/013 Charndon Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/014 Chearsley Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/015 Cheddington Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/016 Chetwode Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/017 Chilton Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/018 Creslow Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/019 Drayton Beauchamp Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/020 East Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/021 Edgcott Fact Pack(AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/022 Edlesborough Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/023 Gawcott with Lenborough Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/024 Granborough Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/025 Great Horwood Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2012)
CD/FP/026 Grendon Underwood Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/027 Haddenham Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/028 Halton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/029 Hardwick Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/030 Hillesden Fact Pack(AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/031 Hulcott Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/032 Ickford Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/033 Ivinghoe Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/034 Kingswood Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/035 Little Horwood Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/036 Long Crendon Fact Pack (AVDC, December 2011)
CD/FP/037 Ludgershall Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/038 Marsh Gibbon Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/039 Marsworth Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/040 Middle Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/041 Mursley Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/042 Nash Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/043 Newton Longville Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/044 North Marston Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/045 Oakley Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/046 Oving Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/047 Padbury Fact Pack (AVDC, December 2011)
CD/FP/048 Pitstone Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/049 Quainton Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/050 Radclive cum Chackmore Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/051 Shabbington Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/052 Slapton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/053 Steeple Claydon Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/054 Stewkley Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/055 Stoke Mandeville Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/056 Stone with Bishopstone and Hartwell Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/057 Stowe Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/058 Swanbourne Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/059 Thornborough Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/060 Thornton Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/061 Tingewick Fact Pack (AVDC, August 2011)
CD/FP/062 Waddesdon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/063 Weedon Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/064 Wendover Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/065 Westbury Fact Pack (AVDC, October 2011)
CD/FP/066 Westcott Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/067 Weston Turville Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)
CD/FP/068 Whaddon Fact Pack (AVDC, April 2011)
CD/FP/069 Whitchurch Fact Pack (AVDC, September 2011)
CD/FP/070 Wing Fact Pack (AVDC, November 2011)
CD/FP/071 Wingrave with Rowsham Fact Pack (AVDC, May 2011)
CD/FP/072 Winslow Fact Pack (AVDC, June 2011)
CD/FP/073 Worminghall Fact Pack (AVDC, July 2011)

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