Your council tackling climate change

Buckinghamshire Council is committed to tackling climate change and we have put in place some key strategies and policies to reduce our impact on the environment

Carbon Management Programme

Our Carbon Management Programme (CMP) was launched in March 2009. The programme will assist the Council in mitigating its own environmental impacts by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from its buildings and the delivery of its services.

Carbon off-setting initiative

The UK Government's Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has launched a new Quality Assurance Scheme for carbon offsetting. Buckinghamshire Council has taken this concept and focused it locally to plant trees within the district which will comply with the concepts of the ‘Carbon Reduction 09 initiative’.

Energy Strategy

Our current Energy Strategy has been in place since 2007 and covers all our council buildings.

The council recognises the importance of our buildings energy efficiency as one of the first steps in the effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

We also understands the importance of the role of local government in contributing towards national carbon emission reduction targets at a local level, setting an example for the community and raising awareness.

The council commits its members and officers to support and implement this policy and will provide appropriate levels of resources to achieve these objectives and standards wherever practically possible.

Local Climate Impacts Profile

A Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) is a methodology to help organisations to better understand the impact weather can have on their operations and strategic performance. Utilising local media archives to develop a historical picture of how the weather can affect the local authority.

The Nottingham Declaration

Launched in October 2000 in Nottingham, this initiative aims to systematically address the causes of climate change and to prepare communities for its impacts.

Buckinghamshire Council join 300 other local authorities to show its commitment to fighting climate change by signing the Nottingham Declaration. Each local authority has pledged to actively tackle climate change in their area and help the UK deliver its national climate change targets.

Five reasons Buckinghamshire Council signed the Nottingham declaration:

1. Reassurance of our residents

2. Strengthening our council's response including production of a Climate Change Action Plan.

3. Performing well and showing a local lead to business, residents, voluntary groups and our communities.

4. Saving money and accessing resources.

5. Improving the quality of life of local communities.